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Donation for WeForest NGO in Brazil

At NotPerfectLinen, we strive to improve ourselves and our environmental footprint in simple, yet meaningful ways, over and over again. That’s why we enjoy taking small steps and little actions to become a more environmentally-conscious company each and every day. We believe that donating part of our profits to organizations aimed at important environmental causes is the best way for us to make improvement in this particular area.

Taking into consideration the recent fires in Amazon Rainforests, where, according to Brazil’s satellite agency Inpe, at least 7747 sq km of Brazilian Amazon rainforest have been cleared by the fires, we’ve decided to take direct action for our environment and the wildlife in these rainforests. According to the science director of the non-profit Amazon Environmental Research Institute, Ane Alencar, these figures are likely to be at least 30% higher, making it the worst case of deforestation in Brazil since 2008. * Such extent of deforestation proposes threat not only to local communities, but for the whole planet, and highly influences climate change.

We believe that it is up to us – individuals and communities – to start creating an impact, instead of only waiting for our government officials to launch regulations and stand in front of this issue. Lack of human compassion for the environment is what caused the problem in the first place, therefore, an individual act of kindness can be an important push to solving it.

Therefore, we have looked for the organizations, working with forest restoration initiatives in Brazil. After a thorough research, we have decided to make a donation to WeForest NGO (, enabling start-ups and companies worldwide to become a part of the environmental movement, aimed at restoring the world’s forests and helping the wildlife in these beautiful locations. According to the activists in this organization, climate change solutions are far easier than it might appear. After mobilizing the efforts of environmentally-conscious companies and individuals, many important changes can be achieved.

Our contribution will go to Brazil, where it will make a real difference in helping with the restoration of ecological corridors in Pontal do Paranapanema. The main three objectives, at which our donation is aimed are:

• Making it easy for threatened wildlife (tapir, anteaters, ocelot and many other species) to circulate and reproduce: connecting the remaining patches of forests together enables that.

• Creating income for local people in this remote part of the state of Sao Paulo.

• Withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere, mitigating climate change.

We strongly believe that such efforts are essential in order to start making an important positive change regarding today’s situation. The responsibility lies in each and every one of us, therefore, we encourage you to actively take part in the environmental activities in the ways that you can!



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